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Now, I know what your thinking right now a there is no Jedi King. Your right because I googled it and there is no Jedi King.  I made my avatar a Jedi King because I like science fiction like star wars(my favorite character is Yoda what is yours). It has curly hair because I have curly hair. It has a light saber and Jedi robes to make it look like a Jedi because I like science fiction as you know. It has a crown to make it a look like a king because if you say king before a name it makes it sound POWERFUL like King Nico. He is on a moon because I like space and space travel.

Here is a picture of my beautiful avatar. I used this to make it: Reasonably Clever

One thought on “The Jedi King Avatar

  • October 19, 2017 at 4:47 pm

    I like how you avatar represents you by how you like science fiction! I also like how you cited your evidence on how there is no Jedi King. Also, my favorite character is R2-D2.

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