How to Not Plagiarize

Activity 1

I learned a lot about licensing images, music, and videos. I learned that when I do something for educational purposes, I can use copyrighted materials without permission. I also learned that to use a image without plagiarizing it using Google Images.  First you go to advanced settings and go to usage and click free to use and the click advanced search and type in what image you want. I still would like to know how to license any image even if it is not on Google Images.  I think this information was helpful since I will be asked to do more assignments that involve images and I do not want to plagiarize. I am confident in making sure I give the appropriate attributions to people and will be careful to not plagiarize their work.

Activity 2

Attribution:”Never Gonna Give You Up” music video by Rick Astley.  The YouTube URL for this music video is:



He’s never gonna give you up

He’s never gonna let you down

It’s Rick Astley from the 80’s

A singer who is famous again

Getting Rick rolled

Getting Rick rolled

That’s what they say today

Getting Rick rolled


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