Java, Not the Bitter Kind

I attended iD Tech camp this past summer at Xavier University. I started learning Java in July of this year. Instantly, I was hooked. I liked how I could create classes and combine the classes so I could run multiple programs at once. It was organized because you could put classes in packages which helped my OCD. 

Java is a computer language. Java is supposed to be for every type of program from games to business software. In fact, Most of the apps on your phone are created with Java. In Java there are these things called methods that can be used at any time during the program. A lot of what you do in Java uses methods like when making your code say something you will use a method like System.out.print( ) .  

image by Paul Heaberlin from Flickr

In the future, I want to attend more camps where I learn Java and other languages. I also want to learn on my own by going online to various sites that teach Java. Someday I might have a job programming so this is an important language to learn. This would be a ideal job for me.


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