Christmas in South Korea

Christmas in South Korea is very similar to Christmas in America.¬†Christmas is celebrated in South Korea more widely then any other asian country because 25% – 30% of the population is christian. There Christmas is a public holiday so people get the day off of work and school. Churches decorate themselves with lights and a bright red neon cross. Department stores put on huge displays especially in the capital city Seoul. People will decorate they’re houses with decorations and a Christmas tree.

Presents are exchanged usually presents are money. They have a Santa Claus and he wears red or blue. He also is called Santa Kolluso or Santa Grandfather. They eat a Christmas Cake(a sponge cake covered in cream.

On Christmas most of the country will be attending a massive church service. Families will meet together and have big meals. They put up their tree and decorations up on Christmas. If your a couple then it is treated like Valentines Day. Picture by kiki Park from Flickr

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