Commenting Guidelines

Commenting Guidelines

These guidelines are meant to show you how to comment on my blog. The point commenting is to start a conversation. You should comment to tell what you thought about the post or page. In a comment you can be funny, make connections from the blog to your life, and give feedback. In these guidelines for commenting you will learn how to make a highway comment.


  • Don´t give out your name
  • Don´t tell people where you live like your address, street name, city and state/province.
  • Don´t give out your routine, Ex: Someone makes a post about how they like basketball. Don´t comment saying I play basketball here on Tuesdays 5-6 pm.

What is in Your Comment:

  • Give feedback please.
  • Don´t use shortcuts like ikr or lol 
  • Make the comment a conversation starter, this is called a highway comment. A comment like ¨good post¨ is a dead end comment or something you should never comment. To make a highway comment you should make a connection from the post or page to your life or start with a question.

How Your Comment Looks:

  • Use correct capitalization. No lowercase i´s, capitalize proper nouns, and at the beginning of a sentence
  • Use good grammar and punctuation. No necessary commas and don´t put no punctuation at all.
  • Don´t make your comment three words long that probably won´t start a conversation.
  • Fix your spelling mistakes.

Commenting is a very important tool on any blog. It allows the author to talk and connect to his readers. Commenting can help out the author know what to do to their blog to make it better.

These guidelines were made for the 2017 student blogging challenge.

When making this page I used Huzzah´s Commenting Guidelines as a resource 

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