I Like To Code

                    My passion is coding!

Coding is a fun way to pass time. I have enjoyed coding since I was 7 years old when I made the angry bird in code.org move 1 block to kill the pig. I have learned Java, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Most apps on your phone are made with Java and all the websites on the web(1.25 billion) are made with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I like coding because I like making peoples lives easier with computer software or something. 

Patrick's first git commit!!!Carol Nichols via Compfight 

I want to use my skills in coding to start up my own technology company like google or become a developer at google because their offices are awesome! Languages I want to learn are PHP because I think learning  how to make web servers will be helpful for web design, Jquery also for web design, and Ruby because lots of social media uses Ruby and it looks like a helpful language to learn because of that.


This has been my passion which is coding.

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