School Life Its Tiring

This is my daily routine. I wake up at 6:30 and I get in the car to go to school at 7:10. When I get to school I bring my trumpet to the band room to put it away until I play it. Then I wait in the gym until 7:30. Then I get to my locker and idiots are blocking my way and take their sweet time so I have like a minute to take everything out of my backpack and get everything I need for 1st period. So after waking up at 6:30 this is what I have to deal with. Like, do these people acknowledge that I exist?  Getting to my locker is like this picture from

Then, in homeroom I do Rosetta Stone which is really boring. My 1st period is the most dreaded Math. Math is math, so not very fun and I also get like a lot of homework. After math, I have a locker “break” which I wouldn’t call it a break because it is only two minutes but, it is basically time for getting stuff for your next two periods. My 2nd period is science. I  would like to be challenged more in that class . Then, I have ELA (language arts) which is a class enjoy more than other classes because of 20% Project. After that, I have PBL and that class is one of my favorites because we get do actually do stuff like we investigating a crime scene and we do 20% projects in PBL. After that I  have social studies, which I were we copy down notes about different regions of the globe and watch videos on them. Then I have lunch which is fun because eating is fun. After that I have this thing called Advisory which is where I can do my homework and meet with teachers about my grades. Then I have band which is another favorite class because I love playing the trumpet. Then I have design and modeling. In that class we work on projects and think about the problem like an engineer. Then at 2:35 I get to leave! Yay!  Picture by Michael Haberman.


There are 178 days in the school year. Every time there is a snow day there will be a extra day. I always hope for lots of snow days anyway.  There are 5 terms. Every term I switch 7th period to a new class. I don’t get a lot of free time. I get two minutes every two periods. Thats basically all the free time I get. So that was my daily routine. 



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